The Ragglmoos wetlands

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Natural monument, Kiener Dorfweg 4b, 39030 Ehrenburg / Casteldarne ,
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About The Ragglmoos wetlands

The Ragglmoos wetlands Located about 1 km east of the Casteldarne/Ehrenburg train station, the Ragglmoos wetlands are a humid biotope on the northern slope of Mount Kienberg. A true gem of nature nestled in the heart of a forest, their fauna is still relatively well-preserved and deserves further protection to make sure this striking habitat lives on. Its mossy grounds are fed by seepage water which collects on the hillside and flows out of the biotope on its western edge. Lined with pine trees, spruces and birches, this low moor is very well embedded in its surroundings and consists of three different sections: The east is densely populated by sedges and peat mosses. In the drier central section, sedges and peat mosses share their habitat with purple moor grasses. Flanked by alders, the west is covered in reeds and some peat moss.

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The sightseeing The Ragglmoos wetlands is located in Ehrenburg / Casteldarne.


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