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Accommodations in Meran and its surroundings

Accommodations in Meran and its surroundings

Accommodations in Meran and its surroundings

Wellness hotels, farms, mountain huts and apartments await you in the "Meraner Land". Decide now which type of accommodation you prefer. Merano and its surroundings offer many charming options to stay. On the one hand, the Meraner Land consists of Meran itself, which is located in the heart of South Tyrol, and on the other hand of Merano's surroundings, which include the village of Tyrol, Lana, Partschins, Schenna, Völlan and many more.

Depending on your leisure time schedule, the city of Merano as well as the scenic surroundings of Merano can be defined as a place of accommodation.

Those who prefer a holiday in the city to enjoy the urban flair and the proximity to the center benefit from Meran's beautiful old town, the medieval arcades and the thermal baths of Meran. If you like it rural, take advantage of the beautiful villages around Merano and enjoy hiking and biking trails in the immediate vicinity and associated scenic impressions.

If you are already sure that you would like to live in the city and would like to live in Merano, look here for accommodations in the city of Merano.

For those who wish to stay in the surroundings of Merano, there are alternatives such as a hotel or wellness hotel opposite a farm or mountain lodge. Farms include a fun-filled holiday especially for families with children. Included in the experience is the experience of how a farm life is designed and the proximity to animals that need to be cared for and fed. Also, bringing your own dog is often permitted on farms. Equally attractive, especially for hikers, are mountain huts that make it possible to explore the alpine world without detours and to breathe fresh mountain air.

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