Bolzano / Bozen

Mediterranean flair and lively life in the South Tyrolean capital

Recommended sights

Not only Ötzi, the man from the Tisenjoch, is worth a visit in Bolzano. Many other interesting sights are waiting to be discovered by you. Look around!

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bozen / Bolzano

The Iceman was discovered in 1991 on the glacier and is now part of the permanent exhibition of the South Tyrol Museum of ...

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Museum Runkelstein Castle in Bozen / Bolzano

Frescoes and objects, a fascinating journey through medieval times.

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Monumento alla Vittoria monument in Bozen / Bolzano

12 July 1928: King Vittorio Emanuele III inaugurates the Monumento della Vittoria monument in Bolzano. Up to 1920 in what ...

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Messner Mountain Museum Firmian in Bozen / Bolzano

The largest of the Messner Mountain Museums has found its seat in the mighty castle Sigmundskron near Bolzano.

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Museion - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bozen / Bolzano

A cube of glass and aluminum. Transparent areas provide insights into a museum, which points in new directions.

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The arcades in Bolzano in Bozen / Bolzano

The arcades in Bolzano are 300 m long. When the suffocating sultriness in Bolzano heats the atmosphere in summer, this colonnade ...

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Recommended accommodations

Hotels and apartments are particularly popular accommodations in Bolzano. But no matter what you are looking for, we certainly have the right accommodation offer for you.

Stadt Hotel Bar Città
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  • Hotel, Bozen / Bolzano
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Recommended stores

From small, hidden shops in Bolzano's back streets to large shopping malls - in Bolzano you can shop to your heart's content. Discover a selection of exciting shops here.

  • Souvenir shop, Bozen / Bolzano
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Ansitz Waldgries
  • Winery, Bozen / Bolzano
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  • Shopping Mall, Bozen / Bolzano
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Cantina Bolzano
  • Winery, Bozen / Bolzano
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  • Shopping Mall, Bozen / Bolzano
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Palais - Moiré Fashion
  • Fashion shop, Bozen / Bolzano
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Recommended restaurants

You don't have to miss out on culinary delights during your city trip to Bolzano. Here you will find our personal favorites for going out and other great cuisines.

  • Farm bar, Bozen / Bolzano
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Löwengrube Restaurant
  • Restaurant, Bozen / Bolzano
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Stadt Brasserie Città
  • Restaurant, Bozen / Bolzano
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Recommended tours

Here are some tips for hikes & walks during your visit to Bolzano.

About Bolzano

Administrative, economic and cultural center, as well as the capital of South Tyrol: In Bolzano not only different cultures meet, the city is also a meeting place of Mediterranean lightness and alpine perseverance.

With almost 107,500 inhabitants, Bolzano is the largest city in South Tyrol and is counted among the major urban centers in the Alpine region. The city is considered an important meeting place of two cultural areas, in which the Italian and German cultures clash.

The charming provincial capital awaits you with many interesting sights: Highlights such as the Archaeological Museum - exhibition site of Ötzi - and the Museion - South Tyrol Museum of Contemporary Art - are an absolute must for history and culture lovers. The old town is characterized by bright courtyards, narrow buildings and narrow streets. After strolling under gothic arcades in the arbours or on the orchard, in the evening you can meet up with friends in one of the many restaurants in the city and enjoy enjoyable moments together.

On Waltherplatz, one of the most striking points and at the same time the social center of Bolzano, lies a seductive espresso scent in the air. Magnificent 18th-century town houses line the square, which owes its name to the minstrel Walther von der Vogelweide. Here is also a marble monument, which is dedicated to him. The statue keeps an eye on the city's landmark, the Bozner Dom: a filigree sandstone dome adorns the Cathedral of the Assumption, with the impressive rocky peaks of the Dolomites rising in the background.

If you are looking for something natural in Bolzano, you do not have to go far. In the heart of the city are the Talferwiesen, a magnet for peace seekers and families. This green oasis is located directly on the river Talfer and invites you to linger and relax. Hiking and nature lovers will also find several beautiful walks: One of them, the water wall promenade, leads from the historic Talferbrücke under mighty oaks and lime trees on the Bozen and the Grieser water wall on both sides of the river in a northerly direction. Immediately to the east of the pedestrian path, Maretsch Castle impresses with its four corner towers and the unpainted keep, which towers majestically into the sky. This 13th-century Niederburg castle is located near the city center and surrounded by greenery and vineyards.

In the historic district of Gries, once a popular resort for noble families and aristocrats, another promising promenade starts: the Guntschnapromenade. This popular gravel path meanders gently up the sunny slopes north of Bolzano towards Jenesien, along a rich Mediterranean flora: on the rocky bottom nestle Prickly pear cacti and yucca palm trees.

Named after the famous minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein, the Oswald promenade in the east of the city connects the two districts of St. Anton and St. Magdalena and leads through the grapevines of the Hörtenberg. Along the way, several viewpoints offer an incomparable view over the basin of Bolzano. Another convenient and promising path leads from the district Haslach up the slope to Haselburg, a medieval castle in the southeast of Bolzano, which allows a magnificent view over the city.