South Tyrol - Europe's top holiday destination

Like few other places in the world, South Tyrol can satisfy many holiday wishes at the same time - hiking and mountaineering, culture and tradition, culinary delicacies, sport and wellness, always immersed in a unique and beautiful landscape. South Tyrol has thus become a top destination for families with children, couples and individual travelers, all year round!

The northernmost province of Italy has managed to retain its authentic character. Its fascinating combination of Alpine and Mediterranean style continues to entice travelers beyond Europe's borders. Holidaymakers in South Tyrol can choose from a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget. Many hotels and inns specialize in family and children’s holidays or are ideal for a pet-friendly holiday. ‘Romantic’ hotels are, as the name suggests, mainly oriented towards couples. The motto ‘South Tyrol without barriers’ plays an important role not only in the hotel and restaurant industry, but also in travel and mobility. Environmentally conscious travelers can explore South Tyrol thanks to its dense network of public transport. Indeed, the principles of sustainability characterize tourism here. 

Due to its favourable weather conditions on the southern side of the Alps, South Tyrol is now a popular destination 365 days a year – and that for allergy sufferers, too. Specialised hotels cater to the needs of allergy sufferers in terms of comfort, materials and dietary choices. For instance, you can treat yourself to excellent, deep breathing sessions at the Predoi Climate Centre and throughout South Tyrol thanks to its mountain air.