Passeier Valley

Welcome to one of the most rustic and versatile valleys in South Tyrol

Recommended sights

Find an overview of the most favourite sights in the Passeier valley.

Traumweg Passerschlucht in Moos in Passeier / Moso in Passiria

Im allwissenden Internet lese ich, dass die Passer ein Fluss in Südtirol ist, am Timmelsjoch entspringt und nach 42,6 km ...

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Timmelsjoch in St. Leonhard in Passeier / San Leonardo in Passiria

Der höchste unvergletscherte Übergang zwischen Reschenpass und Brennerpass ist das Timmelsjoch. Verbunden werden das Ötztal ...

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Jaufenpass in St. Leonhard in Passeier / San Leonardo in Passiria

Der Jaufenpass (lat. lugum lovis) verbindet das Passeiertal bei St. Leonhard in Passeier mit dem Wipptal bei Sterzing (Brennerstraße).

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Hirzer in St. Leonhard in Passeier / San Leonardo in Passiria

Leichte Wanderungen für großartige Aussichten auf das Meraner Land.

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Großer Schwarzsee in Moos in Passeier / Moso in Passiria

Zum Großen Scharzsee im hintersten Passeiertal nahe dem Timmelsjoch.

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Recommended accommodations

Here are some suitable accommodations for the Passeier Valley.

Hotel Pfeldererhof
  • Hotel, Moos in Passeier / Moso in Passiria
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  • Hotel, St. Leonhard in Passeier / San Leonardo in Passiria
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Residence Bad Sand
  • Sun
  • Sun
  • Sun
  • Holiday home, Moos in Passeier / Moso in Passiria
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Hotel Zirmerhof
  • S
  • Hotel, Riffian / Rifiano
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Residence Mairhof
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  • Sun
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  • Holiday home, St. Leonhard in Passeier / San Leonardo in Passiria
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Holiday on a farm Mayerhof
  • Flower
  • Flower
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  • Farm, Kuens / Caines
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Recommended stores

The Passeier Valley offers you a variety of shopping and strolling possibilities.

Pircher Sport Fashion
  • Sporting & outdoor goods retailer, St. Martin in Passeier / San Martino in Passiria
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Konfektion Götsch
  • Fashion shop, St. Martin in Passeier / San Martino in Passiria
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Recommended restaurants

You can wind down the evenings or recharging your batteries in the afternoon in the Passeier restaurants.

Lazins Alm
  • Mountain inn, Moos in Passeier / Moso in Passiria
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Recommended tours

Do you want to go hiking in the mountains or start a tour with your mountain bike? Then find the best routes for you here.

About Passeier Valley

From the Meraner vines, palms and cacti to alpine, decorated by alpine roses, vegetation of the Timmeljoch: The home of the folk hero Andreas Hofer awaits you with numerous activities that take you through the diverse landscape of the Passeier valley.

Surrounded by the galvanized peaks of the Stubai, Ötztal and Sarntal Alps, the Passeier Valley is one of the most pristine and most varied valleys in South Tyrol. Riffian and Kuens, the first places in the valley, still remember the Mediterranean-influenced climate of the spa town of Meran before the villages of St. Martin, St. Leonhard, Pfelders, Moos and Rabenstein boast a fresh alpine mountain climate.

With the Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer, the valley looks back on an eventful history: In 1809 Hofer fought against Napoleon during the Tyrolean uprising on the Bergisel, but was captured and executed in Mantua.

The entire valley also contains traces of former smugglers who brought bacon and skins to Austria, as well as sugar and tobacco to South Tyrol.
Numerous historical buildings, churches, castles, monuments and museums, such as the Passeier Museum, the Museum Bunker and the Schneeberg Adventure Mine - the highest mine in Europe - testify to these stories, the importance of local traditions and customs as well as contemporary culture. Particularly noteworthy here are the Schildhöfe - sundials, decorated by frescoed old walls in castle-like, decorated by battlements and ivy farms that were once the home of the shield farmers.

Also a diverse range of recreational opportunities awaits you and your family!

In addition to interesting theme trails through the Texelgruppe Nature Park and an extensive network of hiking trails that lead from the Riffian Waalweg to the Hohe Wilde (3,480m altitude), the Sarntaler and Ötztal Alps offer adventurous summit tours for enthusiastic mountaineers. In addition, the valley is known for its abundance of water: let yourself be impressed by the picturesque Spronser Lakes - the largest high-alpine lake plate -, the many waterfalls and the Waals. Above all worth a tour to the beautiful, 48 m high, Passeierer waterfall.
Cycling fans can walk along the bike path to St. Leonhard or Merano, while mountain bikers can enjoy the Hinterbrugg Bike Trail. If you are a racing cyclist, you should not miss the winding roads of the beautiful Alpine passes Timmelsjoch (on the border with Austria) and Jaufenpass.

If you spend your winter holiday in the Passeiertal, you have the choice between cross-country skiing, ski & snowboarding, snowshoeing and ski tours in the enchanted winter landscape, ice climbing or romantic carriage rides. Also the ski areas of Ratschings and Pfelders should not be missed - here, children can run riotously.