Cross of Latzfons

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Church & Abbey, Fortschellerscharte 0, 39040 Latzfons
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Cross of Latzfons

The first rituals held at this site, where the little church has overlooked its wonderful views since 1743, probably date back to prehistoric times, although we cannot be sure of when exactly it was that people began to discover the unique aura of this place.

One thing is for sure: the road to the Latzfons Cross (2,311m), highest pilgrimage site in South Tyrol and erected on the south face of the Kassian Peak, is the oldest pilgrimage trail in South Tyrol.

The mountain refuge hut, close to the church at an elevation of 2,305m, has provided countless pilgrims and hikers with refuge and sanctuary over the years. Innumerable wonderful tales have been told about this sacred place, such as the legend of the “Black Christ” who, with a nod of his head, decided on the spot where the crucifix should be erected. Prayers sent up from here at the end of the pilgrimage, about an hour’s walk up a fairly steep road from the Klausen hut to the cross, afford protection to one and all, particularly from the wrath of the elements.

The view stretches over to the Langkofel, the Grohmann Peak, the Kesselkogel and the Rosengarten. It is not just the view that makes this place special though, but the atmosphere which pervades the site and can be felt instinctively by all those who come here.

parking Kühhof - hiking time ca 2,5 h, 760 height difference
parking Kaseregg - hiking time ca 2 h, 400 height difference

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The sightseeing Cross of Latzfons is located in Latzfons.

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