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Monument, 39012 Meran / Merano


The Mariensäule is one of the oldest monuments in Merano, with the newly redesigned Sandplatz at its feet.
This baroque statue, crafted in white marble, was donated in 1706 by the inhabitants of Merano to show their gratitude for being saved from war and hardship. It sits on a high pedestal at the eastern end of the Sandplatz and looks towards the west.
Maria is depicted as the Immaculata with all typical attributes. Maria stands on top of a globe, demonstrating victory over worldly sins. A snake, the symbol of sin, is coiled around the globe. Maria stands on a golden crescent moon, her head surrounded by a circle of stars; both are apocalyptic symbols.

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The sightseeing Mariensäule is located in Meran / Merano.