Pfarrkirche Gargazon

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Church & Abbey, Dorfplatz 1, 39010 Gargazon / Gargazzone

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Location and route

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The sightseeing Pfarrkirche Gargazon is located in Gargazon / Gargazzone.

More Churches & Abbeys nearby

Gleifkirche in Eppan a.d. Weinstraße / Appiano s.S.d.V.

The two dome towers of the Gleifkirche look down from the hill of the same name.

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St. Helena Kirche in der Töll in Partschins / Parcines

Die St. Helena Kirche unterhalb des Dorfkerns von Partschins liegt in der Töll, der Engstelle zwischen dem Vinschgau und ...

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St Valentin in Astfeld in Sarntal

Art where you don't expect it: the small St Valentin church at the Gentersberg above Wolkenstein is quite impressive.

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