The “Hofkeller”

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Historical place, 39040 Salurn / Salorno
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The “Hofkeller”

The “Hofkeller” was first mentioned in documents at the beginning of the 14th century. It has a massive gable roof. It was once the seat of the feudal administration, which passed from the Lords of Salorno/Salurn to the Counts of Tyrol. On the east side of the building, on the ground floor, there is a large hall with a cross vault supported by two rows of seven slender columns made of Prun stone and by pilasters. The imposing building already impressed the first South Tyrolean chronicler Marx Sittich von Wolkenstein, as he wrote in his description of Tyrol published in 1600.

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The sightseeing The “Hofkeller” is located in Salurn / Salorno.