The lakes of Soprànes - Spronser Seen

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River & Lake, Spronser Lakes, 39019 Dorf Tirol / Tirolo

The lakes of Soprànes - Spronser Seen

Many attractive hikes take you through the Nature Park of the Tessa range. Now and again hikers come across splendid alpine lakes of turquoise-coloured waters.
These mountain lakes are situated at 2,100-2,589 m above sea level. 8 to 10 lakes which cover an area of 30 hectares in total. The main lakes are the Lago Verde, the Laghi di Latte, and the small Lago dei Moscerini. The scenery is breath taking. Even in summer you may find snow on the shores of the lakes. Moreover, these lakes provide a useful supply of water to the thermal resort of Merano.

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The sightseeing The lakes of Soprànes - Spronser Seen is located in Dorf Tirol / Tirolo.