The St. Valentin bull

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Church & Abbey, St. Valentin, 39040 Seis am Schlern / Siusi allo Sciliar
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The St. Valentin bull

Once upon a time on a hilly knoll in St. Valentin, a bull began to scratch and scrabble in the ground. It delved all day long without rest until a wanderer chanced along the way. As he came closer, he saw the crown of an enormous bell. The bell was then hung in the church of St. Valentin. And from that day on, the bell was known as "The St. Valentin bull", forever to be feared and hated by witches, as its toll dispels their storms. In Latzfons, further up and to the right in the Eisack valley, the following bell-tale is well known: In days gone by, the local people wanted to move the bell from St. Pauls to Kastelruth. Having failed to move it from its spot even with 40 pairs of oxen heaving, the bell suddenly began to speak: Maria Anna is my name The elements, my domain All the weathers I proclaim And in St. Paul´s I will remain. And there, indeed, she remained!

Behind the ESSO petrol station you find a underground parking garage.
Public transportation
The starting point of the hike is easily accessible via the following public connections: By bus line 2 & 170 from Völs am Schlern or line 3 & 170 from Kastelruth.

Location and route

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The sightseeing The St. Valentin bull is located in Seis am Schlern / Siusi allo Sciliar.

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