The Trauttmansdorff Throne

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Viewpoint, Alte Landstraße, 39022 Algund / Lagundo
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The Trauttmansdorff Throne

In "Hochkreuz" in Lagundo, directly on the popular Via Claudia Augusta bicycle path, is a very special vantage point: the Trauttmansdorff Throne. The view of Merano and the surrounding area, including Forst Castle (and the brewery with the same name) and one of the most modern churches in the entire Alpine region, the San Giuseppe Parish Church, is breathtaking in its splendour. Ideal for photographs and an absolute must-see for every tourist in Merano. Cyclists in particular often stop here for a break, to enjoy the view with a picnic before continuing their journey towards Val Venosta (Vinschgau) valley or Merano. Visitors can see the famous Botanical Gardens at the Trauttmansdorff Castle with binoculars. This observation deck is the ideal starting point for a visit to the Botanical Gardens at the Trauttmansdorff Castle.

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The sightseeing The Trauttmansdorff Throne is located in Algund / Lagundo.