Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures

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Other: sightseeing, Str. Catarina Lanz 24, 39030 St. Vigil in Enneberg / San Vigilio di Marebbe
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Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures

If you love adventure and you are intrigued by the idea of trying new sensations in a breathtaking place, you can't miss this exciting adventure! The aim is to make you feel unique sensations and this for everyone, young and less young, families and anyone who wants to taste the thrill of this experience, feeling safe and in total symbiosis with our nature. Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures, a unique and unforgettable adventure. Thrill seekers can launch themselves towards the village of San Vigilio, hooked on a super-technological pulley, which will take them safely from one hanging platform to the next. The route has 10 sections for a total of 3,200 m. The longest span is 780 m and the highest point from the ground is over 100 m. With these dimensions, this is the biggest Zipline in Europe.

Location and route

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The sightseeing Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures is located in St. Vigil in Enneberg / San Vigilio di Marebbe.