Castel Coira - Churburg

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Castle, Churburg, 39020 Schluderns / Sluderno

Castel Coira - Churburg

It is not solely thanks to the biggest armoury in the world that Castel Coira is one of the most visited castles of South-Tyrol
Above the town of Sluderno, on an exposed Valley, is the vast compound of Castel Coira. Prince-Bishop of Coira Heinrich von Montftfort commissioned it in 1250. In 1297 the castle became of property of the Mazia (Matsch) family with whom the Prince-Bishop had an ongoing feud. In 1504 what had became a vastly expanded castle was attained by the Trapp family to whom it still belongs today. The most antique part of the compound counts the dungeon, the palace and the circular walls. The castle was bit by bit converted into a magnificent renaissance palace. Today countless amounts of visitors admire the precious vivid coloured frescos, the wood lined rooms with majolica heaters and the library. All around there are dungeons, towers and gates. Castel Coira owns the biggest arsenal in the world: more than 50 perfectly kept armours, swords and other weapons. Since 2006, in Castel Coira, you can see real-life reproductions of old South-Tyrolean jousting tournaments. ("Südtiroler Ritterspiele").

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The sightseeing Castel Coira - Churburg is located in Schluderns / Sluderno.