Church of Saint Jakobus and Saint Valentin

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Church & Abbey, 39040 Tschöfas / Ceves
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Church of Saint Jakobus and Saint Valentin

The origin of the church surely reaches back much further than the consecration in 1465. In the inside are shown the consecrating document, translated into German, and a detailed list of the restaoration work of 1989.The capstones of the soft net ribbed vaulting represent saint figures and different coats of arms. The painting of the baroque high altar (1733) shows Saint Mary with the child and Saint Jakobus Senior and Saint Jakobus Junior. These two saints are represented, together with Saint Silvester and a Bishop, on both sides of the church one more time. Moreover, a Pieta from the 18th century and a figure of Saint Valentin with a cattle are remarkable (at 1800).
from Laion/Lajen the road to Ceves/Tschöfas

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The sightseeing Church of Saint Jakobus and Saint Valentin is located in Tschöfas / Ceves.

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