Matsch, the mountaineering village

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Parks, Mazia 154, 39024 Mals / Malles Venosta
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Matsch, the mountaineering village

The scheme to promote mountaineering villages in the Alpine regions supports environmentally-friendly, natural tourism. The network unites villages with a thriving natural and cultural landscape, which have been spared major technical innovations and where mountains and mountaineering are an integral part of the identity.

From leisurely "Waalweg" irrigation-channel trails through to the three-thousand metre climbs - enjoy all the authenticity of the Matsch Valley. The living traditions and customs offer you an insight into the active village community, and a stop-off to wander round the castle ruins at the entrance to the village brings the dreaded Matsch robber-barons back to fearsome life.

Coming from Merano, the turnoff to Matsch is at the beginning of the village of Tartsch, coming from Malles, the turnoff to the mountaineering village is at the end of the village.
Parking is available at the beginning of the village, the so-called Golgabichl car park, from there you can take the city bus (281) to the village or to the Glieshöfe. Another possibility is to park in the centre of Matsch, but there is also the possibility to park at the Glieshöfe at the end of the valley.
Public transportation
The mountaineering village can be reached with the Citybus (278), which starts in Mals at the railway station. You can get on at the Kulturhaus in Mals, in Tartsch, at the Muntetschinig junction or at the Golgabichl car park.

Location and route

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The sightseeing Matsch, the mountaineering village is located in Mals / Malles Venosta.