Stieber Waterfall in Moos/Moso

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River & Lake, Passeirer Straße 40, 39015 St. Leonhard in Passeier / San Leonardo in Passiria
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Stieber Waterfall in Moos/Moso

From Moos/Moso walk up the first road bridge. At 50 meters, turn left on the walkway up to the wooden observation bridges over the Stieber waterfall. From here hikers will have a breathtaking view of the gigantic Stieber waterfall, where the Pfeldererbach stream first plunges 19 meters then 18 meters deep in the Passer river.

From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley in direction of Timmelsjoch Mountain Pass until at Moos/Moso.

Public transportation
The starting point is easy to reach with the following public connections: With bus line 240 from Meran/Merano to Moos/Moso.

Location and route

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The sightseeing Stieber Waterfall in Moos/Moso is located in St. Leonhard in Passeier / San Leonardo in Passiria.

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