Bäuerliches Handwerk - Schneiderhof

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Trade of arts & crafts, Durnholz 17, 39058 Sarntal
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About Bäuerliches Handwerk - Schneiderhof

Helmut Hochkofler spends his free time in a woodcarving workshop at the Schneiderhof.

"With much fascination and great skill, farmer Helmut Hochkofler produces detailed works of carving art in his woodcarving workshop at Schneiderhof in the Sarntal valley. His enthusiasm for working with wood began when he was 14 years old and acquired the knowledge for carving and sculpting in various courses. Since then, he has never let go of the joy of his work. His works are rustic and traditional, but also simple and modern, and delight enthusiasts and, of course, himself.

More information about the products can be found on the homepage of the Schneiderhof or on www.redrooster.it."

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