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Recommended sights

Find an overview of the most favourite sights in Bolzano and surroundings.

Ruine Greifenstein in Terlan - Terlano

Wie ein Adlerhorst schmiegt sich die Ruine Greifenstein an den rötlichen Porphyrfels bei Siebeneich, einem Dorf in der Nähe ...

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Burg Kampenn in Bozen / Bolzano

Vermutlich bestand die Burg Kampenn ursprünglich aus dem quadratischen Bergfried und einem kleinen angebauten Palas.

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Talfer und Talferwiesen in Bozen / Bolzano

Am Osthang des Penser Weißhorns auf 2350 m am entspringt die Talfer. Auf dem langen Weg durch das Sarntal mündet der Fluss ...

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Kohlern in Bozen / Bolzano

Kohlern bei Bozen war immer schon so etwas wie die zweite Wahl für Sommerfrischler, zu Unrecht aber auch zum Glück.

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Museum Runkelstein Castle in Bozen / Bolzano

Frescoes and objects, a fascinating journey through medieval times.

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South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bozen / Bolzano

The Iceman was discovered in 1991 on the glacier and is now part of the permanent exhibition of the South Tyrol Museum of ...

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Recommended hotels in Bolzano and surroundings

Here you will find a selection of recommended hotels around Bolzano. If you are looking for an apartment or something else, such as farmhouses, campgrounds or pensions in the surroundings of Bolzano, just click below.

Gasthof Schneiderwiesen
  • Hotel, Steinmannwald / Pineta
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Stadt Hotel Bar Città
  • S
  • Hotel, Bozen / Bolzano
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Discover great shops in Bolzano and its surroundins

In Bolzano, you can not only shop great in the bowers. Throughout the city, flagship stores of well-known brands line up small, exciting shops.

  • Souvenir shop, Bozen / Bolzano
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Ansitz Waldgries
  • Winery, Bozen / Bolzano
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  • Shopping Mall, Bozen / Bolzano
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Cantina Bolzano
  • Winery, Bozen / Bolzano
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  • Shopping Mall, Bozen / Bolzano
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Palais - Moiré Fashion
  • Fashion shop, Bozen / Bolzano
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Recommended restaurants in Bolzano and surroundings

You can eat well in Bolzano and the surrounding area, of course, on every corner. Here we have selected an interesting selection of restaurants, inns and other localities.

  • Farm bar, Bozen / Bolzano
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Löwengrube Restaurant
  • Restaurant, Bozen / Bolzano
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  • Farm bar, Terlan - Terlano
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Stadt Brasserie Città
  • Restaurant, Bozen / Bolzano
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Recommended tours

Do you want to go hiking in the mountains or start a tour with your mountain bike? Then find the best routes for you here.

About Bolzano and its surroundings

An idyll for nature lovers and those seeking relaxation: explore in just a few minutes the untouched nature of the South Tyrolean mountains - on foot, by bike or comfortably with the numerous lifts that lead you to the most beautiful places in the Bolzano region.

In the Bolzano basin there are still many fortifications of a time long ago, in which noble families of South Tyrol tried to make visible the wealth, the prestige and the secular power with the construction of such facilities. In the midst of the checkerboard-like, picturesque vines landscapes that reach down from the mountain slopes to the city, there are numerous castles and palaces. One example of this is the fairytale-like Runkelstein Castle, South Tyrol's "Bilderburg", which has retained its splendor to this day: among other things, it offers the opportunity to admire Europe's most extensive cycle of medieval, profane frescoes.

The provincial capital of South Tyrol is surrounded by an impressive natural landscape. Dreamlike villages that can be explored on foot or by bike: A dense network of cycle paths makes it possible to reach the most important valleys and villages of the country on wonderful day trips. Recreation seekers and nature lovers can also float with the cable car in a few minutes comfortably to lofty heights and immerse in the untouched nature of the South Tyrolean mountains. For example, the world's oldest free-floating ropeway can be used to reach peasant cabbages on the Kohlerer Berg - an ideal place for hikers to enjoy and relax in the fresh mountain air on warm summer days.

Below the plateau of the Salten is located on the southern slope of the Tschögglbergs the community Jenesien, which can be reached from the northern end of Bolzano with another lift system. From up here you can see the natural spectacle of the glowing rose garden every evening.

With the spacious gondolas of the Rittner Seilbahn, a true model of technology and aesthetics, you can reach the Sonnenplateau Ritten. With views of the Schlern and the Alpe di Siusi, you can visit picturesque villages on this impressive ridge in the southeast of the Sarentino Alps and explore rare natural phenomena such as the Rittner Erdpyramiden.

Around Bolzano are also several charming villages that are easy to reach: directly below the ridge of the Regglberg lies, south of Bolzano, the youngest town in South Tyrol: Laives. A place where old meets new: the tower of the old parish church from the 13th century stands next to the sacral new building from 2004. Northwest of Bolzano are the villages of Andriano and Terlano. These villages are best known for their beautiful walks that meander through the town centers and surrounding vineyards and orchards. Extremely popular but also the noble wines and the asparagus of this region. Surrounded by apple orchards and vineyards, Andrian enjoys a peaceful location and is an ideal retreat for nature lovers. East of the Adige perched on a hill high above Terlano the ruin Neuhaus, also called "Maultasch Castle", which can be reached in about half an hour on comfortable routes.