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Farm Shop, Bahnhofstr. 14, 39021 Latsch / Laces
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About Burg Latsch

Burg mountain farm in Latsch has been organic for over 20 years. Now, it applies biodynamic guidelines, too. “You can taste this quality in all of our EVA organic fruit juices. From fruity golden delicious to tasty cuvees with beetroot, quince or apricot. Delicious fruit is made into healthy foodstuffs. Fresh, harmonious and natural” stresses Irmi, the farmer.



At Burg Latsch you can buy naturally-cloudy apple juice (0.2 l, 0.75 l, 1 l, 5l): naturally-cloudy pure-variety apple juices (Bonita, Golden delicious, Pinova); naturally-cloudy mixed juices (apple-beetroot, apple-quince), 0.75 l each


Fruit juices – A juicy treat

When squeezed, South Tyrol's apples and grapes, with their special intense taste, make a delicious and thirst-quenching drink, popular with young and old. The 'Red Rooster' brand guarantees that only fruit harvested when ripe from South Tyrolean farms may be used in its products, whether single juice or mixed juice. In addition, apples and grapes have to be grown in accordance with the cultivation norms for integrated or organic fruit farming. Only top quality naturally cloudy apple or grape juice may be pressed and the use of anti-oxidants or flavour enhancers is not permitted. After bottling, the fruit juice is gently pasteurised to allow longer conservation.

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