Temple Bar Genuine Irish Pub

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Café, Dominikanerplatz 20 Piazza dei Domenicani, 39100 Bozen


Über Temple Bar Genuine Irish Pub

For ten years Tanya and Stephen have been managing the Temple Bar in Bolzano square "Diminikanerplatz". Here the name Temple Bar doesn't refer to the whole city quarter like in Dublin, but only to this Irish pub in the city town.
Tanya ans Stephen have not only imported the pub tradition from Ireland, but they offer also the possibility to hear good live music. The Temple Bar in Bolzano is one the few places in which bands can have a chance to perform. While in other pubs of the city town almost no one has been playing guitar for years, in Temple Bar in Bolzano there is always a good reason to play good music. The only important thing is that rocks. Played music has to be genuine and direct. During the summer time when concerts take place in front of the Temple Bar, alwost the whole square is overcrowded, during winter they are organized inside the pub.
A little English knowledge here is always welcome, regular customers of the Temple Bar come from all over Europe. So English is often the most common language spoken at night. Furthermore ordering a Guinness in English comes actually more easy.


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Life sucks, have a pint! :D

Also, wenn es irgendwo einen Pub gibt, bei dem immer noch ein Pint geht, dann ist es die Temple Bar am Dominikanerplatz. Die Musik ist klasse (wenn man auf Rock steht), es läuft hin und wieder Fußball und gescheites Fingerfood gibts auch noch. Wenn's draußen wärmer ist, kann man auch klasse draußen sitzen und ab und an gibt es sogar Live-Musik.

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