Galleria Doris Ghetta

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Kunstgalerie, Pontives Süd 8, 39046 St. Ulrich in Gröden


Über Galleria Doris Ghetta

Galleria Doris Ghetta, established by Doris Ghetta in 2013, is situated at Pontives, near Ortisei, in the Dolomites, in a converted snowmobile factory with a surface area of 500 square metres. On the structure’s two floors it is possible to organise five parallel retrospectives a year, accompanied by publications and talks, to promote the gallery’s artists, as well as collective exhibitions or duo-presentations with guest artists.

The Pontives space also houses a permanent exhibition of the local Alto Adige scene featuring artists of international fame such as Robert Bosisio, Aron Demetz, Arnold Holzknecht, Walter Moroder, Robert Pan and Peter Senoner, as well as promising youngsters such as Julia Frank and Claudia Barcheri. The gallery has a dual mission: on the one hand it seeks to bring the international art world to Alto Adige by inviting leading contemporary artists and curators, on the other it offers visibility to and promotes the local artistic community, and, thanks to its geographical location midway between the North and South of Europe, serves as a point of reference for international collectors. To promote its artists, Galleria Doris Ghetta takes part in international exhibitions and collaborates with collectors, curators and other galleries to exhibit in pop-up spaces in Milan, Florence, Herentals (Belgium), Zurich and Munich. Architect Igor Comploi has been responsible for mounting exhibitions since the outset, whereas curator Sabine Gamper has been a member of the team for the last two years.