Hof am Schloss

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Hofladen, Lichtenberg, Schlossweg 11, 39026 Prad am Stilfser Joch


Über Hof am Schloss

The Wallnöfers are very committed farmers. You can take a holiday here all year round and enjoy the range of farm products on offer. Besides delicious jams and syrups made of Vinschger Marille (apricot), also honey, bacon, sausages and meat products may be found in the farm shop. Packages of fresh meat from the farm herd may be picked up to order.

Sonnig orange und herrlich fruchtig. Die Marille und der Hof am Schloss.

Beim Hof am Schloss werden aus der leckeren und fruchtigen Vinschger Marille Sirupe und Fruchtaufstriche gezaubert. Zudem gibt es Fruchtaufstriche aus Himbeere und Palabirne-Preiselbeere und Quittengelee. Im Hofladen kann man zudem frisches Qualitätsfleisch sowie Speck und Würste kaufen. Apricot cordial (0.5l); Fruit jams (raspberry, apricot, "Palabirne"-cranberry); quince jelly each 230 g, 350 g; Mixed packages of veal (5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg; filet, roast beef, escalopes, roasting joints, shank, goulash, mince, meat for soup and boiled meat) 'Speck', smoked sausage, farm salami.

Fruchtaufstriche, Sirupe & frischfleisch

Fruit cordials - All the taste without the chemicals

Whether produced from fruit, flowers or herbs, home-made cordials are getting more and more popular. It's not surprising: these cordials, with their unmistakeable taste, put other soft drinks in the shade. The 'Red Rooster' seal of quality guarantees that only top quality original products go into their production. Beet sugar or brown sugar is added to make all types of fruit, flower or herb cordials following ancient recipes. While the fruit, flowers and herbs come straight from the farm, the sugar cannot be produced there. In the case of cordials, 25% of the product may be bought when counted as part of the fruit content. The cordials are bottled with care and sold under the 'Red Rooster' brand name as pure or mixed cordials.

Fruit jams - Packed with fruit

Red Rooster' jams are especially appreciated for their high quality and unrivalled taste. Only fresh sun-ripened fruit processed without additives is used to fill the jars, whether for single fruit or mixed fruit jam. Raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, plums, apricots, cherries or chestnuts, the variety of hand-picked, top quality fruit made into delicious jams on the farm, is wide. The success of these jams lies in their high fruit content and low sugar content, which lends unbeatable taste. Besides this, after being chopped up, the fruit is cooked with care in order to preserve vitamins, taste and colour.

Fresh meat - The value of origin

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to meat. Whether veal, beef or lamb, fresh meat bearing the 'Red Rooster' seal of quality is a local delicacy and you know what goes into it down to the last bite. Regionality is key! On South Tyrol's farms healthy animals are provided with all they need to thrive, from appropriate stables to GM-free feed. Short transport routes and an uninterrupted cooling chain go towards establishing high quality meat production. In the end, it is the farmers themselves who guarantee the high standard of meat from 'Red Rooster'.


'Speck' and sausages - Traditional enjoyment

There's no South Tyrol without 'speck'. This delicious speciality is tightly bound up to the area and its rural traditions. A method that served to preserve meat over the winter months has become a firm component of modern life. The sausages, too, have it 'in' them. 'Speck' from the 'Red Rooster' brand is produced according to natural, traditional methods right on the farm. It comes from pigs that were born on a farm in South Tyrol and have been reared in a species-appropriate manner with lots of space to move around on a 'Red Rooster' farm. Sliced thinly, it melts in the mouth: the subtle mixture of salt and herbs, mild smoking and long maturation period guarantee high quality. Just as tasty are 'Kaminwurzen' smoked sausages and farm sausage specialties.


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