Monumento alla Vittoria monument

Monument, 39100 Bozen / Bolzano
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About Monumento alla Vittoria monument

12 July 1928: King Vittorio Emanuele III inaugurates the Monumento della Vittoria monument in Bolzano. Up to 1920 in what was known as the square Piazza Talvera at the time stood the monument to the Austrian Kaiserjäger (Imperial infantry unit).
3 November 1918: the Italian troops siege Alto Adige. Upon Mussolini's personal request a triumphal arch of impressive dimensions was commissioned. The highly provocative words on it, the fasces lictoriae ("the bundles of the lictors", the emblem of fascism) on the columns and pillars and its location in place of the monument dedicated to the Kaiserjäger make this monumental relict of the fascist time a surreal demonstration of strength of a time now gone. Despite being a controversial and inalterable symbol, it has survived until present.

The permanent exhibition within the monument to victory "BZ '18–'45: one monument, one city, two dictatorships", is opened to the public in July 2014. It illustrates the history of the Monument to Victory, designed by Marcello Piacentini and erected by the Fascist regime between 1926 and 1928. The monument reflects and provides a link to local historical events during the twenty years of Fascism and the Nazi occupation, within the context of national and international events in the years between the two World Wars (1918–1945).
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The sightseeing Monumento alla Vittoria monument is located in Bozen / Bolzano.


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