The cradle of tourism in the Badia Valley

Recommended sights

From Corvara it is worthwhile to explore mountain passes and experience idyllic nature. Recommended are e.g. the Campolongo Pass or a hike to Lake Crespeina.

Crespeinasee in Kurfar / Corvara in Badia

Hoch über dem innersten Gadertal, der Crespeinasee.

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The Rio Gadèra - Gran Ega in Kurfar / Corvara in Badia

Countless are the names given to the main tributary of the Rienza River in Alto Adige. Rio Gadera, Rio Fontana, Rio di Badia. ...

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Campolongo Pass in Kurfar / Corvara in Badia

Der Campolongo Pass mit seinen 1.875 m ist der niedrigste der vier Pässe rund um den Sellastock.

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Recommended accommodations

Here you are sure to find the ideal accommodation for your visit to Corvara. Many hotels and apartments are waiting for you!

Pralongià Hütte
  • Mountain hut, Kurfar / Corvara in Badia
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Edelweiss Hütte
  • Mountain hut, Kolfuschg / Colfosco
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Schutzhütte Ütia Crëp de Munt
  • Mountain hut, Kurfar / Corvara in Badia
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Recommended tours

For hiking and mountain biking Corvara is the ideal starting point. Here you will find a variety of tours that are in the area and are worthwhile.

Surrounded by massive mountain ranges, Corvara is situated in a wide, sunny basin in the Val Badia at 1,563 m above sea level. 

To the south of Stern, the wide plateau of Pralongià divides the Val Badia valley into a southeastern and a southwestern arm. At the end of this latter lies in a wide basin and surrounded by the impressive cliffs of the "pale mountains" - as the Dolomites are also called - Corvara.

To the north of this picturesque village rises the imposing rocky peak of the Sassongher, a south-east pillar of the Puez Group, while to the south-west of it a beautiful path leads through the Mittagstal into the heart of the Sella massif, a plate-shaped mountain range whose highest peak is the 3,152 m Piz Boè. Between Sella Group and Cir-peaks in the north, which are considered the gateway to the Puez-Geisler Nature Park, the Gardena Pass - a mountain pass 2,121 m high - connects the Val Badia Valley with the Val Gardena Valley. In the east of Corvara is the mountain world of the Fanes group. Among the most important peaks of this legendary mountain range are the peaks of the Tennerspitze, the Heiligkreuzkofel, Piz Lavarelas and Piz Cunturines

In Corvara, in 1947, the first chairlift in Italy took you to the lofty heights of Col Alto. This impressive engineering achievement made it possible for the first time to admire the panoramic view of the Marmolada and the Austrian Alps without having to make any great effort. The development of this region as a holiday destination began around the middle of the 20th century. Today, Corvara - also known as the "cradle of tourism in Alta Badia" - is the centre of tourism in the Val Badia

In addition to 130 km of pistes in a truly fantastic environment, numerous unspoilt slopes and a dense network of trails for numerous hikes and mountain bike tours, the Sellaronda offers the opportunity to circle the enchanting Sella massif by ski or mountain bike. In addition, the annual Dolomites cycling marathon with over 8500 participants is one of the largest events of its kind in the Alpine region.